Monday, 20 July 2015

5 Day Trips for Seniors With Mobility Limitations

Life as a senior can get mundane, especially when living alone or in a nursing home. These feelings canbe even more prominent among those with limited mobility. Bring some excitement into a senior’s life by going on a day trip to one of these places:

Museums are usually large and open to provide maximum space for walkers and wheelchair users. Their cold interiors are great for avoiding heat stroke. Choose a museum that fits your elderly loved one’s interests and schedule a tour, or go at your own pace.

Many beaches have handicap accessibility to get down to the shore. If your loved one would rather not lay on the sand and watch the waves, push him or her in a wheelchair down the sidewalk to watch the people and sample the vendors.

Get to know your own town. Visit an old-fashioned downtown area for unique shops and food, or check for a tour you can take on a bus or trolley.

No one outgrows the fun of seeing wild animals. Zoos are very handicap accessible, and large ones usually have seated tours as well. This idea is best for mild weather days to avoid overheating.

Dress up for a night out seeing an opera or ballet at the theater. The required sitting is ideal for those with limited mobility, and the fancy attire and venue can help make up for any feelings of dependency.

Restricted movement doesn’t have to stop seniors from going out and about. Neither does not having friends or family members to accompany them. To learn about senior escorts in Vista, visit the website.

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