Monday, 20 July 2015

7 Tips to Prevent Seniors From Falling at Home

Falls are the most common accident seniors experience and can lead to severe and lasting injuries. Most of the time, falls happen at home. There are seven ways to improve safety in the home to decrease the chances of falling.

The first step is to clean up any clutter around the house. Loose objects and papers present tripping and slipping hazards. Make sure everything has a place and is put back when not in use, including pet toys and feeding containers.

The second step is to clear away anything else that can cause tripping. Keep electrical cords bundled up and out of sight if possible. Remove carpet rugs and runners because they do not stay in place very well, and thick rugs have raised edges that can easily be stumbled over.Rearrange or get rid of excessive furniture to create more walking space.

The third step is to keep the floors dry. Immediately wipe up spills and dry the affected area. Polish hard floors with non-skid wax to make them less slippery. Place a non-skid mat on the bathroom floor and in the tub or shower to avoid slipping on water puddles.

The fourth step is to wear proper footwear inside the house. Wear shoes instead of just socks. Even rubber-soled socks are not always reliable and can wear through quickly. Replace shoes once they are worn. Avoid shoes with heels and laces that can come untied and cause tripping. Also, put rubber tips on the bottoms of canes and walkers.

The fifth step is to make sure the home is well lit. Stairways in particular need to have sufficient lighting. Plug in nightlights in the hallways and bathrooms for safer nighttime trips to the toilet. Remember to keep the walkway and stairs leading to the front door well lit, too.

The sixth step is to install handles and handrails wherever possible. It is most important to place them in the tub or shower and on steps and stairs indoors and out. Look out for other areas that can use a grab bar.

The seventh step is to eliminate seasonal hazards. Have the walkways and driveways shoveled and salted in the winter, raked in the fall, and swept of loose grass and branches in the spring and summer. Keep the yard maintained as well so no plants overgrow onto walking areas or make it dangerous to walk on the lawn.

When seniors take these preventive measures, they greatly reduce their risk of falling at home. But they may need help doing so. To learn about senior care services in Carlsbad, visit this website.

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5 Day Trips for Seniors With Mobility Limitations

Life as a senior can get mundane, especially when living alone or in a nursing home. These feelings canbe even more prominent among those with limited mobility. Bring some excitement into a senior’s life by going on a day trip to one of these places:

Museums are usually large and open to provide maximum space for walkers and wheelchair users. Their cold interiors are great for avoiding heat stroke. Choose a museum that fits your elderly loved one’s interests and schedule a tour, or go at your own pace.

Many beaches have handicap accessibility to get down to the shore. If your loved one would rather not lay on the sand and watch the waves, push him or her in a wheelchair down the sidewalk to watch the people and sample the vendors.

Get to know your own town. Visit an old-fashioned downtown area for unique shops and food, or check for a tour you can take on a bus or trolley.

No one outgrows the fun of seeing wild animals. Zoos are very handicap accessible, and large ones usually have seated tours as well. This idea is best for mild weather days to avoid overheating.

Dress up for a night out seeing an opera or ballet at the theater. The required sitting is ideal for those with limited mobility, and the fancy attire and venue can help make up for any feelings of dependency.

Restricted movement doesn’t have to stop seniors from going out and about. Neither does not having friends or family members to accompany them. To learn about senior escorts in Vista, visit the website.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tips for Moving Your Elderly Loved Ones

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How Senior Memory Care Can Help Your Loved One’s Quality of Life

When people think of nursing homes and other assisted living facilities, they usually think of sterile, impersonal places for dependent seniors who have nowhere else to go. This dismal image can make it hard for seniors and their families to choose elderly care institutions. However, there is a new and better standard of living that is sweeping the nation: memory care.

What Is Memory Care?
Memory care is a treatment program for the elderly who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It provides a community with social events, wander paths, entertainment facilities, healthcare, sensory activities, and physical and mental therapy. The residents are not locked and are allowed to walk about in freedom, but the community is still secure and guarded to create a balance of independence and safety. It is also designed for easy navigation to decrease anxiety.

Why Is Memory Care Important?
The rate of Alzheimer’s is predicted to double in the next two generations. While there is no cure for this disease, memory care helps those affected live as functionally as possible and improve their mental abilities. It gives them a better quality life through empowerment and respect. It also gives their families peace of mind knowing their loved ones are being properly attended to.

As more and more families are realizing the benefits of memory care, the supply for this treatment has increased dramatically. The senior assisted living industry has been trying to meet the demand by establishing more programs nationwide. For more information on memory care in Soquel, visit this website.

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